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Can Ion and Photo Smokes be Used Together? -- If these smoke detectors are stand-alone smoke alarms, that is they have sounders in them, and if these are going to talk to each other so if one goes into alarm, all of ... Read More

Can You Tell Me how the Red Box on the Wall Operates? -- I moved into a 1-bedroom apartment recently that has 3 smoke detectors (the flat, round kind mounted on the ceiling), but also mounted on one wall is a red strobe alarm... Read More

What Happens When Water is Thrown on a Cooking Grease Fire? -- Cooking is good; grease catching on fire while cooking is bad. With all that sizzling crackle and pop, frying bacon sounds mouthwatering. But... Read More

Aren't Those Coat Hanger Racks on the Wall? -- Hotels, motels, apartment buildings, condominiums, townhouses, and some newer private homes, all have automatic fire-fighting sprinkler systems. Without anyone needing to do anything... Read More

What Should I Do When the Fire Alarm Sounds? -- When the alarm sounds, as caretaker for an apartment building, what should you be doing? "I would never suggest turning off the fire alarms, or in any way... Read More

How Do You Let the Smoke Out of the Apartment? -- OK. Now the bacon is overcooked and, making the smoke alarm sound off, the apartment is full of smoke. That kind of thing happens... Read More

Don't Smoke Alarms Detect Smoke? -- A smoke alarm isn't really a smoke alarm at all; a smoke alarm is a particles-in-the-air alarm. When a smoke alarm detects particles... Read More

Why Doesn't My Smoke Alarm Set Off The Building Alarms? -- In apartment Buildings, real fire alarms are bad; false fire alarms are just as bad... or worse... Read More

What's the Difference between a Smoke Alarm and a Smoke Detector? -- Smoke alarms are inside houses, townhouses, apartments or condominiums. In areas that people live and sleep, smoke alarms are there to alert the ... Read More

The Alarm Chirps, Which One is it? -- In the home or apartment, there's a loud chirping, almost like a bird, but it's electronic. Coming from somewhere, every...Read More


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