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General Electronics

Douglas Krantz -- Fire Alarm Engineering Technician, Electronic Designer, Electronic Technician, Writer

How Does a Relay Work? -- They're electrical switches; like a light switch on the wall, a relay turns on or off the electricity. The difference between a light switch on the... Read More

The RS585 Network Keeps Having Communication Errors -- We have a weighting scale machine connected to a CPU using an RS485 Network. After time, when we make a patch of glue, one or two of these scales show many communication errors. We have changed... Read More

Recording a Message in a Place-of-Refuge or in an Elevator -- You've installed a message box in the place-of-refuge or in the elevator, and now you have to use your voice to record the emergency message. The message is to make sure that someone having a real emergency . . .Read More

Can you please explain how to connect the Flyback Diode to an Alternator? -- A flyback diode isn't a diode that is especially made for use in a flyback situation; it's an ordinary diode that is used to prevent the voltage surge created... Read More

What is an RS485 Communication Network? -- RS485 is a two wire data communication system where both wires are considered the carrier of the signals. As such, there is no ground/return. Two, three, four, up to dozens of devices ...Read More

Is Conduit Ground Good Enough for Electronics? -- The National Electrical Code (NEC) is concerned with fire safety and with electrical safety. The electronic technician is concerned with those issues, but the electronic technician is also concerned with signal transmission ...Read More

Does a Second Ground Rod Protect Circuits from Lightning? -- For lightning protection, is that second ground rod driven into the earth outside a building any earthly good?Read More

How Does One Connect RS232? -- So two pieces of equipment can send data to each other, RS232 carries the data. When connecting the equipment using RS232, there's guessing the RS232 is wired correctly, and then there's knowing ... Read More

How is a PCB with Mixed Lead Components Assembled? -- Long ago, before the Printed Circuit Board was invented, the original soldering technique consisted of hand soldering... Read More

What is an Arc Flash? -- Burning, blinded, deafened, an electrician is thrown across the room; having reached into a live electrical panel, all he did was to drop... Read More

What Makes an AC Solenoid Coil Overheat? -- Doing a fire alarm inspection, a technician saw a solenoid on a valve in the kitchen at a church. He removed... Read More

What Does E=IR Really Mean? -- If it isn't just a word, and it isn't really something to be memorized in order to pass a test, what do the letters in Ohm's Law really mean?... Read More

Wiring - Is It Power Limited or Non-Power Limited? -- It's the power supply, not the wiring, which determines whether it is a Class... Read More

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Which Way Does Electricity Flow?-- So... In a wire, negatively charged electrons move, and positively charged atoms... Read More

What is an Induction or Switching Power Supply Transformer? -- In the United States they're called Flyback Transformers; in other countries they're called Line Output Transformers (LOPT). Even automobile ignition coils use... Read More