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Fire Alarm Installation


Can a Person Just Add a Horn or Strobe to an Existing Notification Appliance Circuit (NAC)? -- In a building that has been remodeled and remodeled, when a fire drill is sounded, have you ever found that a few strobes are running slow or won't even work? Then, when troubleshooting... Read More

How many T-Taps are Allowed on an SLC? -- The answer to the question of how many T-Taps is allowed --- is It Depends. It depends on the manufacturer and it depends on how easy the installer wants to make the system for the technician... Read More

What is an As-Built Plan? -- The owner of the building project is the beginning of the planning process and the end of the planning process. Conception Plans - How the building ... Read More

What Makes Interfacing the Fire Alarm to Elevator Capture Difficult? -- People are afraid of fire. They also know that where there's smoke, sometimes there's fire. That's why they don't want the elevator to... Read More

It's the Volunteer Firefighter that Reads the Panel -- I suppose it was used because the technician programming the fire alarm system was totally familiar with the acronym AFA and what it means... Read More

Why Use Pigtails or a UL Approved End-of-Line Resistor? -- Many times, a fire alarm system installer will put the leads of an end-of-line resistor... Read More

Does the NO Mean Normally Open of Normally Closed on a Tamper Switch? -- To figure out the normally open and normally closed contacts for switches on fire suppression systems, use ... Read More

What is the Difference Between an End of Line Resistor and a Terminating Resistor? -- In electronics, at the end of the communication line, there's often a Terminating Resistor. In fire alarm and security systems ... Read More

When a New Air Diffuser is Installed, Why is the Fire Alarm Company at Fault? -- I was at a lunch meeting where the State Fire Marshal (AHJ) was speaking. One of the things that he talked about... Read More

Does Anyone Return to Make the Installation Look Good? -- My father-in-law once told me "Make it purdy the first time; you'll always come back to make it work, you'll never come back to... Read More