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Why Are There False Waterflow Alarms? -- The question was asked "Intermittently, we are having a false waterflow alarm problem. For a while, it was OK, but we did the annual waterflow test and since then we get at least once a week a false water flow alarm ... Read More

Does the air pressure gauge and water pressure gauge show different psi? -- In the sprinkler system plumbing, the air pressure gauge and the water pressure gauge show the pressure of two different sprinkler systems. These two systems are the dry... Read More

Why Are There Waterflow Alarms When No Water is Flowing? -- Between building trades, there's a natural line of demarcation. Sprinkler pipe fitters don't like working on a fire alarm system; they...Read More

What is a Waterflow Switch? -- The fire alarm waterflow switch, a delayed action mechanical/electrical assembly, is a conventionally wired fire alarm device. The fire department reacts... Read More

What is a Dry Sprinkler Valve? -- When a fire starts burning in a building, action needs to be taken early... before the fire has grown out of control. Taking this action, sometimes before anyone even... Read More

Why Does It Seem that Dry Sprinkler Systems Only Show Low Air Pressure At Night? -- Doesn't it always seem to happen? In the middle of the night, someone's fire alarm fire alarm system sends... Read More

What Turns On a Fire Pump? -- Fire pump controller boxes are large, and the only people who should even open the controllers are authorized sprinkler... Read More

Should the Main Fire Panel Release the Fire Suppression? -- The greater number of systems controlled by one computer, the greater number of systems messed up when that one computer messes up.... Read More

Which is Worse -- Fire or Water? -- At some point a decision needs to be made, which is worse - the fire or excess water... Read More

How Can a Jockey Pump Make False Waterflow Alarms? -- It was 8:00 o'clock at night, and there I was standing in front of the fire alarm panel. The fire department had already been there and left, but because of waterflow... Read More


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