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Fire Alarm Testing


Why Doesn't a Smoke Detector Always Detect? -- The NFPA wants smoke detectors tested in place to make sure smoke enters the smoke chamber. Keep in mind that a smoke detector can't detect smoke that ... Read More

Why Do We Inspect Fire Alarm Systems? -- A long time ago, before regular testing of fire alarm systems was required, the NFPA and other fire protection professionals discovered that large numbers of fire alarm systems just weren't working... at all. Originally, when they were installed, these systems worked properly ... Read More

What Happens When a Fire Alarm System is Tested? -- Once in a while, I can completely inspect a fire alarm system - The system is local only, there is no monitoring company to disable - There are no people around to get confused or greatly annoyed as I sound the alarms... Read More

Should Canned Smoke be Used to Test Smoke Detectors? -- There have been many discussions about the best way to test smoke detectors --- canned smoke or... Read More

Can a Magnet Really be Used to Test a Smoke Detector? -- Smoke detectors usually have two ways of being tested. Smoke (smoke particles in the air, or some sort of canned smoke), and magnets (the activation of an internal magnetic... Read More

Can a Real Fire Break Out While the Fire Alarm System is Being Tested? -- That's what the fire alarm system is there for in the first place, isn't it? To shout fire? Keep that in mind when disabling... Read More

Do I Have to Put The Fire Alarm System On Test? -- It's the owner's fire alarm panel. The owner has bought and paid for the fire alarm system. You may be called... Read More


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