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Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn... Ben Franklin

Describing How It Works

I describe how things are done, teach people how things work, write articles for business websites to help explain the inner workings of what is made, what is provided, what is serviced. This is the kind of article that interests people, this is what draws people to a website, and this is why people come back for more.

The articles are more than just telling people "about" a business; the articles teach people what the business does.

Telling, Teaching, Involving

Telling people about a business is like saying "We make widgets".

Teaching people what the business does is like saying "Widgets are made by first building a basic ..." People will figure out that the business makes the widgets, and if you teach them how a widget is made, some will remember who taught them.

Involving people - once they've been taught, some will return to get involved in the business.

Types of Articles

On the business website, using the descriptions of how things work, I teach interested people the company's products and services.
  • Describing what's available
  • Describing how it's made
  • Describing why it's made this way and not that way
  • Describing how it works
  • Describing how to use it
  • Describing why it should be use
  • Describing how it interacts with other product offerings
  • Describing how it interacts with the customer's systems
  • Describing how it's installed
  • Describing how it's serviced
  • Describing what to look for

I describe things about products and services that are of interest to people, because interested people are customers.

Email writer@douglaskrantz.com for more information.

Background -

  • Trained Electronic Technician
  • Fire Alarm Service Technician
  • Radio and Television Broadcast Engineer
  • Manufacturer
  • Technical Design for Theatre and Auditoriums
  • Alarm and Communications Contractor

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