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When the alarm sounds, break glass
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When a fire starts burning and others need to be warned, people shout "Fire!"

When people are asleep or nobody is around, a fire alarm system does the shouting automatically.

If the building is too big, the fire alarm system shouts when one person can't reach everyone.

A fire alarm system shouts "Fire!" when just one person can't.


When a fire starts burning, three objectives are essential to reduce the loss:
  • Detection -- a person sees the fire
  • Announcement -- that person shouts fire!
  • Action -- others flee danger, or others come running to help stop the fire

Fire Alarm System

  • Detection -- The fire alarm system activates when detecting a fire, or a person seeing a fire activates the fire alarm system
  • Announcement -- The fire alarm system sounds the evacuation in that and other areas, and also calls the fire department through off site monitoring
  • Action -- Those hearing the fire alarm evacuate the building, while the fire department comes to fight the fire

Can't do it Alone

The fire alarm system requires people to make it work. If you're one of those people that operate, design, install, or maintain fire alarm systems, check out these articles.

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