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Douglas Krantz values your privacy.

Email Addresses, Phone Numbers (from Text Messaging), and Other Personal Information

As a steward of your data, including email address and phone numbers, the highest importance is placed on your privacy. Therefore, without your explicit permission or request, any data given to this website will not be sold, published or shared with anyone.

Also, none of your personally identifiable information is collected by this website, unless you explicitly provide it.

Short Circuit Newsletter / Mailing Lists

Your wishes are very important. The Opt In procedures are meant to make sure you really wish to receive the Short Circuit Newsletter, and the Opt Out procedures are easy to follow.

Opt In -- You have to initiate receipt of the Short Circuit Newsletter by choosing the "Sign Up Today" button on the Short Circuit offer.

You have to fill out your Name and Email Address on the Subscribe Form.

Your Email address will receive a confirmation Email. Failure to confirm means that you will not receive the newsletter and no further Email will be sent.

Opt Out -- Choosing the "Opt Out" option of the newsletter will permanently stop all Short Circuit Newsletters to your in-box.

To discontinue receiving newsletters, reply to the newsletter with the word "unsubscribe" or "opt-out" or "discontinue" in the subject line. The word "unsubscribe" or "discontinue" or "opt-out" in the first line of text will also work to stop the Newsletter.


Periodically, offers will be made for materials, goods, or services provided by Douglas Krantz -- Technical Writer.

These offers will only be made only to those who have made the initial contact on this website.

Opt Out -- Returning the email with the word "unsubscribe" or "opt-out" or "discontinue" in the subject line. The word "unsubscribe" or "discontinue" or "opt-out" in the first line of text will also work to stop all offers to your in-box.

Third Party Advertising

As a means of paying for the website, so all may be able to use this website for free, third party advertising is included. Viewing or clicking on the third party advertising is not necessary for the enjoyment of this website by anyone.

Any policies of the third party advertisements seen on this website are strictly between the viewer and the third party advertizer.

Any data collected or cookies added by any third party advertiser are handled strictly in accordance with the privacy policies of the third party advertiser.

Douglas Krantz takes no responsibility for any actions taken by third party advertisers.

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